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Packaging unit per box 60 dozen van 50 stuks

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Face mask for civil use packed per 5 x 10 pieces
Face mask for civil use with FFP1 NR is a 3-layer disposable mask with elastic earloop. Packed: 10 pieces in a bag Box: 5 x 10 pieces Layer
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Liquid hand sanitizer 100ml.
To ensure protection against contamination with micro-organisms, our product facilitates business with a 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer. T
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Face Shield
The Face Shield Face Shield is a handy object to cover your face in situations where you want to minimize contact with germs, corona virus a
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Hand disinfectant gel 1000 ml.
The Takecare2 Hand Disinfection Gel with the content of 1000 ml. is effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. The
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Touchless automatic dispenser 850 ml. hand disinfection with sensor for hand disinfection cleaning.
Touchless automatic dispenser 850 ml. with sensor for hand gel disinfection cleaning. Liquid drops hand disinfectant dispenser. doses au
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Mask Face shield with glasses - Transparent
This Splash Mask hood is for your face protection with a large transparent screen is for when coughing or sneezing where the large drops are
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50 pieces of black packed face mask for civilian use.
50 pieces black face mask for civilian use with FFP1 NR is a 3 layer disposable mask with elastic ear loop. Packed: 50 pieces in bag Box: 5
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